Monday, August 22, 2011

Tip Records


Tip World are purveyors of peak-time no-nonsense Psytrance. The soundtrack of the dancefloors from the world's biggest global underground.

Tip started out as the band The Infinity Project (T.I.P.). In 1994, the members of the band Raja Ram and Graham Wood started Tip Records with Ian St Paul and Richard Bloor. It became Tip World in 1998 and was a partnership just between Raja Ram and Richard Bloo...r.

Tip have been true pioneers in the Psy Trance scene, putting on some legendary parties and releasing many classics of the genre. The list of artists released is a whose who of the scene. The objective has always been to release the latest and greatest tunes from the party circuit. The soundtrack of the peaktime party moments bought to people as quickly as possible with little regard for traditional marketing procedures.

The scene has exploded all around the world without relying on main stream media for support. While many other genres created in part by the media have long gone in a fast paced world of fashions and fads, the Psy Trance scene has developed globally. It is more of a lifestyle thing and has a culture to tap into. Very tribal. A true global underground!

Of course not all is rosy with music sales declining but next year is looking like being creatively the best for a long time. The music that Tip is working on now is a more mature sound. Musical, original, powerful, varied. And pushing forward to the extent it is almost genre defying. In periods such as this artistically we are free and uncompromised to explore and create new magic. To search for new sounds to inspire and excite and turn our back on a lot of the previous rules and routines. Looking for the Psy New Beat!

Tip Records


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