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X-Dream are Marcus Christian Michael (born May 1968) and Jan Muller (born February 1970); they are also known as Rough and Rush. They are producers of psychedelic trance music and hail from Hamburg, Germany.

This German production duo has evolved over the last decade into one of the best and most influential of the tech-trance genre, featuring their futuresound all around the globe with a stunning live show, which approximated the incendiary spirit of techno better than any other electronic act. In 1989 they formed the creative core of X-Dream.

Two years later in 1991 their debut album, >Trip to trancesylvania< was greeted with much acclaim. While 1995..s album, >We Created Our Own Happiness<, was even a greater artistic success. At the turn of 1998, X-Dream released their highly-reverred >radio< album, which gained them further recognition and is still regarded as one of the best and most loved tech-trance records ever.

The albums feature contributions from Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe of midimiliz, spirallianz. The fourth X-Dream album came out in 2002 bearing the title >Irritant< and healthily glowing with evidence that after twelve years of summoning up the highest quality dance music around, Marcus maichel and Jan mueller can still do it. X-Dream has come to be recognized as one of the vanguards of a new musical revolution.

Their style has literally opened the door to numerous artists that fill the electronic dance music landscape today. We have seen a full range of this groups extraordinary vision. X-Dreams latest album “We Interface” features vocals by American run-away artist,

Ariel Electron. With their newest member Ariel Electron, they have created a multimedia full stage performance , with video being created by band member, Jan Mueller. The fact is, X-Dream are true artists.Thus having the capacity to embrace new frontiers, leaving the doors open to creative spirit.

Although their music retains the 4/4 drum patterns of Goa trance music and has a dependence on riffs, X-Dream has a unique sounds different from most other artists in the genre.

They are well-known for their high quality of production and well-placed psychedelic sounds. They have been joined by American vocalist Ariel who is part of many of their tracks on their latest album, We Interface.



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