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Hydraglyph are Andrew Morgan and Mark Ackermann. Formed in 2000 they quickly grabbed attention by simultaneously being released on Nano and Timecode Records and have since been thumpin’ dancefloors around the world. Having been friends and enthusiastic producers since there early teens it was only a matter of time before they integrated their styles.

Both Andrew and Mark worked their way through the musical ranks, playing guitar and bass in various rock bands before discovering electronic music through bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy. Between the 2 of them they have a handful of degrees and diplomas in Sound Engineering, Music Theory and Film & Media. They have worked on projects as diverse as Kate Moss TV commercials and the MTV VMA awards to doing soundtracks for several short films that have played at numerous international film festivals.

Currently they have over 40 releases with some of the world’s most respected psytrance labels, including their debut album, Kinetic, which was released to international acclaim in January 2006 and reached number 1 on the sales charts of several major online CD stores. The album included the hit “Electric Feed” which has since been released by Tsuyoshi Suzuki.

Famous for their energetic live shows, in the past 9 years they have toured around the globe, having performed on every continent.

Combining the best elements of full on Psy and feel good progressive, the duo offer a more dynamic spectrum of music.


Third Drop Reflection


Barry Anthony Tukonic was born in a small town in central Europe, then raised In Hamburg Germany until his family moved to Sydney Australia.

In the year 2000 Barry founded (which now has a vast array of photos from trance parties throughout Australia) and also his Dj career as "SurReal" playing along side greats like Richard Ahlberg and Infected Mushroom amongst others.

In 2002, Barry Anthony joined Rez Khan (Dreamthief) and began Producing in Studio Viv-Vid as "Locrian" which quickly brought them both into the limelight after playing Live along side Fractal Glider, Ticon and then Live support for Logic Bomb.

In 2003, Rez Khan announced his move to Melbourne Australia Which in turn enticed The birth of "Third Drop Reflection" Now just a few years in the passing, Third Drop Reflection has had a healthy amount of live gigs in Australia and Overseas supporting international producers and Dj's, two compilation releases and an album out earlier this year year.




Psyboriginal is Marc Freund from Sydney, Australia Since 2004, his live sets have focused on spawning an environment conducive for explosive, energetic, and sometimes unpredictable trance floor reverberations. The Psybo-sound depicts that indescribable moment between night and day- ethereal and uplifting to bring in the morning, yet mysterious and menacing enough to wreck nocturnal havoc.

Marc's versatility as an artist is further evident in the incorporation of guitar and vocals in a few of his tracks. The Psyboriginal sound is one that is constantly changing and evolving; during his time in Belgium in 2004, Marc became decidedly influenced by morning Psytrance. However, upon returning to his native Australia, things took a trip to the dark(er) side, as his music adapted both a harder, more sinister edge as well as greatly increasing in overall doofability.

The present end result- a unique style that weaves together all the right elements, fabricating a perfect groove guaranteed to ignite any legion of doofers with positive vibes. In the past he has worked alongside fellow Aussie producers Fractal Glider and Legohead Illusion of Self. As well as some recent collaborations with Hydraglyph and Slum. Psyboriginal has kicked up dust on dancefloors all over Australia as well as in Germany,Austria, Belgium, UK, Spain, Czech Rep.,Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary,Mexico and Dubai Look for upcoming releases on Digital Psionics, Digital Distortion Records, PsyPneumatix, and Tribeadelic Records, as well as a forthcoming album on Digital Psionics in 2007


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Dj Daheen


The Daheen Psytrance experience is something to behold. He has aimed to create a distinctive style, fusing sounds and melodies to tell a story or convey a concept, as well as providing a stomping good dance. He incorporates many samples from the real world, especially animal sounds as seen in his popular track ‘Jungle Juice’ released on EPP Records in 2004. His unique live set has to be seen to be believed, providing a visual theatrical element which believe it or not features animals playing guitar!

Incorporating different masks and costumes to go with each differently themed track, the Daheen live Psy set is extremely entertaining, comical, bizarre, and a great dance. Daheen has been showcasing his live performance up and down the east coast of Australia as well as recent performances in the UK and on the European festival circuit. Recent releases include 'Direct flight' - a track with Psyboriginal on his album "Unleashed", and 'Regrowth' - from the debut Regen Records compilation "Tree Dimensional". Stay tuned for the Daheen full length psytrance album coming soon.

Daheen also began producing Chill-Out in 2003 and released a limited release promo album 'Green Chillies' in 2005. The album proved extremely popular and Daheen was soon found to be playing on both the main stage and Chill-Out areas at many parties and festivals. His Chill-Out music also has a unique style, and is a rich blend of live guitar, floating melodies, whacky samples, whales, dogs, monkeys, cows, lions, tigers, birds, opera singers, didgeridoo, bag pipes, Jews harp, laptop, and a partridge in a pear tree!

He glides through genres ranging from ambient to dub to chilled breaks to psychedelic chill, always with plenty of funk. Daheen has performed his live chill set to much acclaim at a number of events up and down the east coast of Australia and overseas including sunset at Regrowth '06 and '07 festivals, This Is Not Art festival, and performances in U.K, Lithuania and India. He recently released the remixed and remastered version of “Green Chillies”, his chill track "Wisdom" on the Regen Records compilation “Tree Dimensional” and “Jungle Juice (chill mix)” and “Humming Bird” on the Regen Records chill compilation “TreeCreation”.

Daheen's other passion in life is nature. He spends his days working as a bush regenerator looking after and restoring some of Sydney's finest bushland. It was therefore a great pleasure to him to be able to combine his two passions and be involved in forming the not for profit environmental organization called R.E.G.E.N (Random Evolution of Growth, Entertainment and Nature). R.E.G.E.N is a coming together of like minded musicians, DJs, environmentalists, promoters, artists and fun lovers who put on tree planting music festivals around Sydney.

The aim is to help restore a degraded area, reduce carbon, and raise the environmental consciousness while having a damn good time in the process. After four festivals and several smaller awareness raising events R.E.G.E.N has reached a massive tally of 50,000 trees planted and is getting bigger and better each year.

For more info visit Recently an exciting new arm of R.E.G.E.N. was launched, that being Regen Records which Daheen co manages. The innovative and environ friendly label is bringing a multitude of fine tunes to the world as well as conveying an environmental message and providing a sustainable example.


Dj Mash (Pulse)


Manish Mendiratta aka Dj Mash was born in Delhi(India).Naturally inclined towards electronic music , the first visit to Goa in 1995 changed everything.

Mash took Dj'in as his career in 1997 and with in no time he was playing in some of the top clubs of Delhi like Fireball, My Kind Of Place and lots more.He was majorly involved in revolutioning the dance music culture in Delhi.

Though initially experimenting with various genres of music he soon realized its the progressive trance and the Psy trance that influences his mind body and soul.Soon Then "The underground Gravity" was born with Co Players Manu, Vinayak and Khana doing progressive and psychedelic parties all round Delhi.

Dj Mash was also one of the in house Dj's for MTV Longest dance party in 1999.Soon after Mash was playing in some of the major cities around India Mumbai, Calcutta, Goa, Chennai, Jaipur, Agra plus more. But this wasn't enough, then mash decided to take it a step higher and wanted to go international. So he Went to Sae school in Sydney to furnish his skills and take a step ahead in to music production.

Soon he became a popular face in the Sydney dance culture playing at most of the Psy trance events around NSW. His excellent Dj'in skills took him to play at some of the major clubs and outdoor festivals in Melbourne and the Earthdance festival of peace in new Caledonia.

Mash took a step in to events organization in Sydney and organized many electronic music events in NSW both indoors and outdoors that showcased some of the excellent artists and dj's from round the globe.Mash was also involved in the birth of "Illuminati Records" together with agent23, though soon after he had to back off from his label commitments coz he wanted to concentrate on events and music production.

Better late then never, From 1st Jan 2006 mash started producing music(Psytrance) under the name of Pulse.The project "Pulse" is a full on Psy project focusing on full on dark, melodic and morning sounds.Pulse's major influences to Furnish his music Writing skills are Psyboriginal, Gappeq, Scorb, U-Reckon, Winter Demon, Third drop Reflection and Ritchie Jay.

Now a days he is in India performing in various cities. Peace and love to all of u..


Black And White

Black & White


Black & White are Samuel Wallerstein and Yaniv Biton. Together they represent one of the biggest promises to come out of Israel. The due have invented a new Psy-style which is heavily influenced from Techno, Industrial, Electro and new wave music. Their atmosphere is unique and their story telling is one of a kind. Their debut album – “Frame by frame” was released in 2005 and since then they are touring the world and releasing tracks on many compilations of various labels such as: HOMmega, Tip world, Phantasm, Crystal Matrix, Digital Oracle, FinePlay, Sirius, Com.pact and more.

Black & White tracks have always been considered original and innovating, so it was no wonder that many artists like Deedrah, Domestic, Chakra, PTX, Bizzare Contact, Quantum and others have asked to either remix or collaborate with the band. Black & White have just finished a remix for Astrix’s “Underbeat” (to be released on Astrix’s “Future music” single) and now they are working on a remix for their classic hit “20 for 7”

Black & White is an eurodance project from Italy, which was arranged and produced by Massimo Traversoni & Roberto Calzolari.

Singles: “Do You Know?” (1994)





With almost 200 produced tracks, 8 musical projects, 8 studio albums & thousands of international live shows into his extraordinary career, Ofer Dikovski, better known to the world as ‘Oforia’, is about to take you on a new journey with his 9th release: ‘Arcadia’.

15-years into his musical voyage, Ofer Dikovski’s unique talent has gained him worldwide esteem as one of the best music producers to come out of Israel. With every release and wherever he performs, Ofer captivates the audience through inflaming sound production and composition skills, as near to perfection as can be.

Ofer Dikovski’s path to international recognition started as one half of the pioneer act ‘Indoor’ together with Avi Algranti (a.k.a Space Cat) and Marco Goren.Their album was one of the first in the wave of trance-artist albums. (“Progressive Trance”. Label: N.M.C (1995)).

Ofer (and “Indoor”) also formed the “Phreaky” project together with DJ Dino Psaras. This project was responsible for the massive hit “Tornado”(Dragonfly-UK/1997). It was the first time that an Israeli piece got into the UK indie-charts and climbed up to no. 23.!

From there on, Ofer continued as a solo artist under various names: Starting with “Oforia”, he was one of the first Israeli artists to signed leading UK label – Dragonfly and the result was his debut album “Delirious”(1998), A bestseller album that based Ofer’s unique sound and made him famous world wide.

In 1999, “Oforia” released his 2nd album - “Off The Ground”. A high quality album featuring variations in Trance from psychedelic to progressive and on to ambient and even a bit of industrial. (This album was considered by many as “ahead of its time”; up to a point where only now it is being repressed and distributed by B.N.E due to constant demand).

Along the way, Ofer has remixed some of the world’s famous artists such as: Infected Mushroom, Pink Floyd, Man With No Name, Space Cat, Astral Projection and Tim Schuldt. And released tracks on numorous compilations for labels such as: 3D vision, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Midijum, T.I.P world, Nova Tekk, B.N.E, HOMmega, Phonokol, Krembo, U.S.T.A.

After two years of silence, BNE/YoYo Records has released in early 2005 Oforia’s new studio album, “Headed For Infinity” and as the title implies, this masterpiece is aimed straight to the heart of its listener. Ofer took his time to produce a new breed of sound & style. Oforia tracks have a distinctive ring, a characteristic feel. In fact, not just a feel, more like a message!

“Inner Twist” is Oforia’s 5th studio album and was released in 2006, it took Ofer a year to record and polish but was worth waiting for. “Inner Twist” brings a much more focused musical approach, and holds in store quite a few suprises: “Show No Mercy” together with Time Lock (a.k.a. Felix Nagorsky) who visited Ofer in his studio and this visit led to one of the most surprising collaborations the trance world has witnessed yet. “Adrenalin” together with Onyx (a.k.a Yaniv Gold). And of course “Return Of The Machines” A stunning song featuring our very own multi talent B-Wicked (a.k.a. Bertin Katz)

In the beginning of 2007 Ofer has been appointed as a captain navigating the new venture with the world-renowned fashion and culture icon “Cyberdog”, thus assembling “Cyberdog vol. 4”. In addition, we present the latest tunes from Astral Projection, Timelock, Atomic Pulse and Echotek, to name the other talents in this brilliant compilation.

Now celebrating a decade of Ofer’s main project ‘Oforia’, we proudly present ‘Arcadia’, a special double CD: Disc 1 features 10 exciting remixes to Oforia’s greatest hits from world renowned artists such as: Infected Mushroom, G.M.S, Talamasca, Atomic Pulse, Fatali, Onyx, Perplex, Insomnia, OMC vs. Slider. Disc 2 will unleash The new and promising project of Oforia & B-Wicked with a special bonus - “Return Of The Machines” EP, featuring remixes from Time Lock, Mo-Shic, Echotek and never seen before video clip of this massive floor smasher.

Finally have revealed the joint venture of Oforia & B-Wicked (Bertin Katz), both are friends and colleagues for over 10 years. This longstanding relationship previously spawned the captivating hit ‘Return of the Machines’, from Oforia’s 5th studio album “Inner Twist” in 2006, is now going to the next level in a new project & live show!


Wizzy Noise

Wizzy Noise


Wizzy Noise is a project of Micky and Uriel that hail from Greece. Both being ardent and meticulous collectors and listeners of Trance music since 1994 they immediately have fallen in love with the first waves of Goa Trance washing away by the Greek shores by the summer of 1995. A magic time for parties back then since all it was new and fresh and all music had the glittering colour of euphoric outdoor parties and revelry in the woods. After the first 2 magic years of partying, a thought and a plan of action started to formulate in our minds as our primitive cerebrum tried to so desperately to awaken with the sheer power of music that onslaught our brains in the years of 1995-98…

The duo having met in a party in Athens in the past also aided by the fact that Micky stationed in Thessaloniki during his military service (Oh yes it is also compulsory in Greece)decided to make some noise together by making a track and experimenting a bit with two synths a mixer and a couple of monitors and a DAT machine. Little they knew of the forthcoming success that was about to hit their door in short time’s notice.

After one year of mediocrity and a fact that they did not receive any kind of help by no one little by little the group became a recognized and distinguished band in the psychedelic trance scene worldwide. Always with a strictly psychedelic and full electronic sound the duo deviated a lot as years went by a fact that caused much controversy and flame in all arrays of electronic music fans. All Wizzy noise albums follow the endless cycle of evolution and rebirth of ideas, from the techno winterlands of German psy sound to the beaches of south eastern Europe the variety and depth of Wizzy noise is a spectacle to behold as our sixth consecutive album show…

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