Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dj Mash (Pulse)


Manish Mendiratta aka Dj Mash was born in Delhi(India).Naturally inclined towards electronic music , the first visit to Goa in 1995 changed everything.

Mash took Dj'in as his career in 1997 and with in no time he was playing in some of the top clubs of Delhi like Fireball, My Kind Of Place and lots more.He was majorly involved in revolutioning the dance music culture in Delhi.

Though initially experimenting with various genres of music he soon realized its the progressive trance and the Psy trance that influences his mind body and soul.Soon Then "The underground Gravity" was born with Co Players Manu, Vinayak and Khana doing progressive and psychedelic parties all round Delhi.

Dj Mash was also one of the in house Dj's for MTV Longest dance party in 1999.Soon after Mash was playing in some of the major cities around India Mumbai, Calcutta, Goa, Chennai, Jaipur, Agra plus more. But this wasn't enough, then mash decided to take it a step higher and wanted to go international. So he Went to Sae school in Sydney to furnish his skills and take a step ahead in to music production.

Soon he became a popular face in the Sydney dance culture playing at most of the Psy trance events around NSW. His excellent Dj'in skills took him to play at some of the major clubs and outdoor festivals in Melbourne and the Earthdance festival of peace in new Caledonia.

Mash took a step in to events organization in Sydney and organized many electronic music events in NSW both indoors and outdoors that showcased some of the excellent artists and dj's from round the globe.Mash was also involved in the birth of "Illuminati Records" together with agent23, though soon after he had to back off from his label commitments coz he wanted to concentrate on events and music production.

Better late then never, From 1st Jan 2006 mash started producing music(Psytrance) under the name of Pulse.The project "Pulse" is a full on Psy project focusing on full on dark, melodic and morning sounds.Pulse's major influences to Furnish his music Writing skills are Psyboriginal, Gappeq, Scorb, U-Reckon, Winter Demon, Third drop Reflection and Ritchie Jay.

Now a days he is in India performing in various cities. Peace and love to all of u..


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