Wednesday, December 2, 2009



MELICIA are Avraham Ilouz and Odeliya Ilouz (vocalist)- brother and sister.

Avraham started to listen to trance music when he was 14 years old when his cousin got back from thailand and gave his father a psychedelic trance casette! when avraham first heard it he knew his way...

After setting up his own studio his sister Odeliya that was a singer in several bands in Israel joined him for a few tracks and in the year 2003 Melicia released his first album "running out of time" which became a big success world wide and was on top of the charts for many weeks.

DJ's such as 1200 mics (GMS), DNA and more remixed melicia's tracks.after his first album he released "kinow" in Spun Records compilation, "grip" to T.I.P records, "Adrenaline rush (Melicia's remix to Xerox & Psycraft) that was released in Omega Records and many more. avraham and odeliya had their first live show togather in japan 4 years ago and ever since they're working with big production promoters worldwide.

Now, after travelling all over the world (Japan,Mexico,Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Switserland and more...) they finally released their second album "Play with my mind" which includes couporations with Dynamic (Grip remix), Aquatica (Discoteqe remix), Dna and the Beat hackers and now starting their new tour



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