Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alien Project


Alien Project is the psychedelic trance artist Ari Linker from Tel Aviv, Israel. He has been DJing and producing music since 1994, and his sound has evolved into a recognizably upbeat psytrance sound. He is heavily influenced by Shpongle and Astral Projection.

Ari Linker has been tirelessly creating, composing and producing music for quite a few years and it doesn’t look like, even now, as he matures, better than a fine wine, that he has any intention of retiring in the near future.

Ari’s sound has engraved it’s essence upon all ears that hear and he has assuredly earned himself an honorary place at the table of Trance Masters. He is currently touring the world performing live at parties and events across the globe and is quite probably the most sought after trance act on the scene today.

So what led Ari to the place he is now at?
Well, it all began in that mystical, far-out land in India Goa, the birthplace of so much, for so many. Way back in 1994, Ari took his first trip out there, and since then he has made a happy pilgrimage back to the land of Shpongle every year.

Needless to say, he had more than a few mind-blowing, life-enhancing experiences which inspired him to get involved (totally involved) in the musical revolution that was rapidly developing and the result of which was the birth of an incredible, new and pioneering form of music: Psychedelic Trance Techno was born.

Alien Project

Alien Project


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