Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dj Daheen


The Daheen Psytrance experience is something to behold. He has aimed to create a distinctive style, fusing sounds and melodies to tell a story or convey a concept, as well as providing a stomping good dance. He incorporates many samples from the real world, especially animal sounds as seen in his popular track ‘Jungle Juice’ released on EPP Records in 2004. His unique live set has to be seen to be believed, providing a visual theatrical element which believe it or not features animals playing guitar!

Incorporating different masks and costumes to go with each differently themed track, the Daheen live Psy set is extremely entertaining, comical, bizarre, and a great dance. Daheen has been showcasing his live performance up and down the east coast of Australia as well as recent performances in the UK and on the European festival circuit. Recent releases include 'Direct flight' - a track with Psyboriginal on his album "Unleashed", and 'Regrowth' - from the debut Regen Records compilation "Tree Dimensional". Stay tuned for the Daheen full length psytrance album coming soon.

Daheen also began producing Chill-Out in 2003 and released a limited release promo album 'Green Chillies' in 2005. The album proved extremely popular and Daheen was soon found to be playing on both the main stage and Chill-Out areas at many parties and festivals. His Chill-Out music also has a unique style, and is a rich blend of live guitar, floating melodies, whacky samples, whales, dogs, monkeys, cows, lions, tigers, birds, opera singers, didgeridoo, bag pipes, Jews harp, laptop, and a partridge in a pear tree!

He glides through genres ranging from ambient to dub to chilled breaks to psychedelic chill, always with plenty of funk. Daheen has performed his live chill set to much acclaim at a number of events up and down the east coast of Australia and overseas including sunset at Regrowth '06 and '07 festivals, This Is Not Art festival, and performances in U.K, Lithuania and India. He recently released the remixed and remastered version of “Green Chillies”, his chill track "Wisdom" on the Regen Records compilation “Tree Dimensional” and “Jungle Juice (chill mix)” and “Humming Bird” on the Regen Records chill compilation “TreeCreation”.

Daheen's other passion in life is nature. He spends his days working as a bush regenerator looking after and restoring some of Sydney's finest bushland. It was therefore a great pleasure to him to be able to combine his two passions and be involved in forming the not for profit environmental organization called R.E.G.E.N (Random Evolution of Growth, Entertainment and Nature). R.E.G.E.N is a coming together of like minded musicians, DJs, environmentalists, promoters, artists and fun lovers who put on tree planting music festivals around Sydney.

The aim is to help restore a degraded area, reduce carbon, and raise the environmental consciousness while having a damn good time in the process. After four festivals and several smaller awareness raising events R.E.G.E.N has reached a massive tally of 50,000 trees planted and is getting bigger and better each year.

For more info visit Recently an exciting new arm of R.E.G.E.N. was launched, that being Regen Records which Daheen co manages. The innovative and environ friendly label is bringing a multitude of fine tunes to the world as well as conveying an environmental message and providing a sustainable example.


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