Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Younger Brother


(2002 – present)
Younger Brother was formed by Simon Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus, The Zap!) in 2002.

The debut album A Flock of Bleeps released on Posford’s Twisted Records in 2003 has taken on cult status in the underground electronica scenes around the world. The duo has since then been drawing crowds in the thousands from London to Tokyo, New York to Australia.

Their second album, The Last Days Of Gravity was released in October 2007 on Twisted Records.

This album narrowly missed out on a mercury prize nomination in 2008 when it was voted 19th( the top 12 are nominated)

Since the release of The Last Days Of Gravity the band have been touring the world with a five piece band. At the moment it comprises Ru Campbell on vocals, Marc Brownstein on Bass, Tommy Hamilton on guitar and Joe Russo on Drums.

In November 2008 the full band convened at Assault and Battery studios in north London, UK, to commence recording of their third album. By recording with a full band Younger brother have propelled their music to a new level. The fruits of this recording session should be revealed by summer 2009 followed by extensive touring of the US and the world.

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