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D_Root discovered electronic music and digital arts back in 1996, 13 years ago. He knew from the start he wanted to make a career of writing electronic music. In 1998, he started creating hartechno (hardtechno ?) and performing in free parties up until 2002, at which point he wanted to explore new horizons.

From there on, his music evolved towards hybrid melodic and rhythmic structures, a unique mix between techno and psyketrance. With time, he has acquirred new equipment and improved his technical skills. Since 2004, D_Root has dedicated his time to creating trance music, mostly progressive trance. He has clearly been influenced by the work of Vibrasphere or Liquid Soul…

In the last two years, concert dates bookings have increased continuously, D_Root has performed in different parties and festivals in France, Switzerland, Belgium…(Hadra, Biolive, Areact, OOBe, Muzik2Mars, Esmeralda, Hypnotik, 296family). On different occasions, he shared the stage with famous artists such as HyperFrequencies, Gaudium, Lunaspice, Talamasca, Total Eclipse… He recently signed with the house label Hadra, his 1st album is in the workings and set to be released in March of 2010.

Meanwhile, you will be able to discover and share D_Root’s unique musical universe on diverse occasions where he is scheduled to appear for an dynamic, progressive live performance. At the same time, D_Root and Lunarave ( are collaborating on a progressive/fullon « LUNAROOT » project, which will reserve you many surprises.

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