Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hommega Productions


Israeli label HOMmega is considered one of the most popular in the world and this year it marks a decade of Israeli electronic music: 1997 - 2007!

HOMmega brings the freshest beats from talented artists such as: Astrix, Black & White, Chakra, Dali, Delirious, Domestic, Intelabeam, Krunch, Pixel, Psy Carft, PsySex, Sub6, X-noiZe and Xerox & Illumination

(The label's past catalogue also includes the early introductions of more outstanding artists such as Yahel, Cosma (RIP), MFG, Hujaboy and BLT). HOMmega's booking department handles this roster exclusively worldwide. In addition, HOMmega represents the no.1 trance band 'Infected Mushroom' in Israel.

HOMmega's compilations are always in high demand, whether it's their classic series, 'Full on', which actually branded their musical style before it was adopted by the scene itself, or be it 'ISRAliens' flagship compilations which always introduces some of the most futuristic music made in Israel and points which way it's headed.

Another highlight is the annual collaborations of HOMmega with Israel's leading dance music radio station, '99fm', in best selling compilations like 'BPM FM' and it's predecessor, 'b-trance'. HOMmega also took part in many joint venture projects with leading UK labels such as TIP world & Hit Mania, producing best selling compilations mixed by Astrix, and also teamed up with Israeli label BNE to create the first 2 chapters of Israel's most innovative ambient & chill out serious "Life is", which won great success worldwide. Recently HOMmega launched a new concept compilation, 'New order', which focuses on progressive & electro beats (the first chapter was compiled by Israel's rising star, 'Ace Ventura').

HOMmega opens its 10th year with 52 artist albums and compilations, collaborations with Israeli and international artists in several pop & rock projects including TV appearances, Radio specials and media coverage in the industry's high profiled magazines such as DJ magazine, IDJ, M8 and Ministry Of Sound. As a result, HOMmega's artists are most wanted all over the world in established clubs and festivals on a regular basis. Among the high profile events which are considered a break through and a second to none achievements, you can find the annual UK parties at Brixton Academy and Alexandra Palace, The Gathering festival in Japan, Solaris festival & Tribe events in Brazil and massive label parties worldwide.

These achievements have shocked the world of trance and placed HOMmega at the top of the scene, not as a small niche label from Israel, but as a well established electronic music label which sets new standards.

Hommega Productions


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