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The "M-Field"project began with the chance meeting of two like-minded individuals, Jay (aka Indigom / Alpha Channel) and Rob (aka Rob-ot), at a loft party in Boston, Massachusetts in early 2004. As it turns out, they both lived within 2 miles of each other in New Haven, Connecticut - Jay working as a computer programmer and Rob finishing a Masters in classical guitar performance at the Yale University School of Music. A week later Rob dropped by D-Space Studios, Jay’s studio space, and very quickly a track was born. “Focus” was a song born out of pure inspiration, which dropped jaws on DJs and dance floors from New York to Boston, and eventually ended up in the hands of PsyBooty Records. "Focus" was granted a slot on PsyBooty's second compilation, “Serve ‘Em Twice.” Jay and Rob realized that they worked very well together, and moments thereafter, "M-Field" was born.

The name “M-Field” was chosen by Rob as it is a concept from one of his favorite thinkers, Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake is an evolutionary biologist who posited that all things in Nature possess Morphogenic fields, which contain within them all the information for patterning, species instinct and behavior, and evolution. These fields convey information through morphic resonant energies to each other, concordantly, each individual fundamentally draws from and contributes to a collective species memory. Rob and Jay feel that the M-fields of Nature and the "greater mind" have influenced them, and seek through the medium of music to pass that knowledge forward and enrich the lives of those who choose to tune themselves in. Sheldrake's "M-Field" theory encompasses the intent behind the creation of music for both Jay and Rob: to create a new paradigm for progressive psy trance, to boldly go where others have not gone before, to be original, uplifting and inspiring, and of course musical.

Individually, Jay and Rob bring very deep and unique levels of ability and musical talent to the table. Jay has been producing progressive psytrance since 2000, initially with his friend Steve Fava (aka Equisol) in the project D-Space (as released on Soular Records), and solo as Alpha Channel and Indigom. His love of electronic music goes back to the carefree days of Depeche Mode’s “Violator” and NIN’s “Pretty Hate Machine” and has been informed by years of quality parties along with the founding and music programming of the seminal Psytrance and Downtempo Internet radio stream Goablaze / Chill Ambience around 1999.. Jay being a seasoned producer has done live performances at various festivals and clubs drawing from the 'D-Space' and 'Alpha Channel' projects since 2003. Much like Jay, Rob began his love of electronic beats with Depeche Mode and Front 242 in the early 90’s as a teenager. He first heard Goa trance in 1997 and was astounded. Rob bought his first turntables in 2000 and began playing out at underground trance parties in San Francisco with local event production crew, Phoenix Family. He had been making tracks using “tracker programs” for fun since 1995, but it wasn’t until 2001 that he teamed up with Ross Random and began to learn his way around Logic. Currently, Rob still collaborates with Random as RandomRobot (mental yin/yang full-on) and Chromatone (the funky-full-prog-on). As a DJ he has recently performed at the Love Fest in San Francisco on the Tantra Float to an enthusiastic audience of thousands.



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