Friday, August 26, 2011

Noga Records

About Noga Records

Noga records formerly known as the "Tru Trance records" (formed 2001) it was established as a label of the future. The label's aim is to transcend the gene of trance stepping into the future, in mission to teach the truth of electronic music, by supporting and portraying the finest artists producing contemporary/psychedelic trance music creating a gene of its own, for the joy of the music in a digital age.

We believe in the healing powes of BPM and in a metaphoric way we bring good musician/dj/artist to a new canvas in order to paint the picture in color and light with the latest instruments of technology, redefining the music experience to keep pacewith a changing world and teach the truth as we know it, music is light, light is love and sharing love is the highest for of selfless expression.

Noga records had developed from true trance records to ecompass the new and emerging styles of upcoming artists with the roots of real trance to bring you the finest expression of a new millenium.


Noga Records


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