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Phaxe (Kevin Josefsen) from DENMARK has always been interested in music and rythms, and started collecting records since he earned his first money. In the early years he was more creative with graffiti and street art then the music.

With his friend Dan Hessner (the other half of Sinister Silence) he started making music with Nintendo ten years ago. Over the years they moved from Nintendo to reaso...n and later to Cubase. Phaxe has always been addicted to trance music. The open air feeling combined with a big sound system and a pumping bass, is the best music experience for him, so it has always been techno and trance music he was creating.

In 2005 he joined went a media school in Vig, Denmark where he spent 6 months by learning everything about recording music and how to work in a studio. After that he got a job as a sound and light engineer in a Danish company were he still works now. He creates all his music at 5th floor studios in Copenhagen, were he has a nice little studio with a working computer and some hard- and software.

Phaxe is a one-man-project which tries to create progressive pumping beats with harmony melodies and leads. Next to this project Phaxe he also works in other projects like High & Mighty Sinister Silence. Sinister Silence is a progressive trance project with his friend Dan Hessner. It is a more powerful style and includes mostly offbeat bass-lines.

High & Mighty is formed with his friend Morten Granau, and produces slower groovy beats with a melodic touch. In 2007 he released his first track at IONO Music and everything started to take place. After the great response he received on his first releases he really got a god feeling about making music, and it gets better every time a track is done.

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