Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psy Tribe Productions


Psy tribe has a long history behind it, It started when Hari Singh, Ritesh Sharma and Karun Dutta studied sound engineering at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in India and collectively they promoted and played at a lot of parties in goa and around india, from there they got into producing there own tracks.

They then decided to set up their own production and promotion company. Unfortunately Ritesh was involved in an accident and sadly passed away, but the idea has remained and they continued in there mission to spread the music and the scene to other parts of the globe. Hari has since moved to manchester to study production at the manchester midi school. Karun has also moved to manchester to undertake the same course to gain some more experience in production.

Psytribe is a dream which is in the process of being realised. small, explosive parties where psychedelic creativity peaks.. full on goa trance! many thanks to Cyberdog and the manchester midi school who have been extremely supportive in our ideas and proposals to help us in bringing this beautiful genre to the masses.

Psy Tribe Productions


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