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Sandman is Itzik Levy, born 1977, Itzik started making music around the age of 13 at home with one synthesizer (Yamaha v50) and one year later, bought his first sampler and joined some bands. One of them (Orphand Land) released 2 CDs in the metal scene (Sahara, ’92; El Norra Alila, ’96- both in Holy Records). At the same time Itzik started listening to some electronic sounds (Front242, Skinny Puppy, NIN and the likes) and after that was exposed for the first time to trance material that came with travelers from the Far East. He liked that stuff very much, and started making trance, and that's what he's been doing since. Under the project name Green House Effect he makes more deep and clubby music. Under the name Resistance Activity he plans to make more electro & big beat stuff.

Itzik first released material as Witchcraft with Rami Shapira (Chakra). He released already 2 CDs: Witchcraft (Matsuri, 1998) and Psycho Toons (Hadshot Haheizar, 2000); few 12"s: Sandman- Tripulogic EP (Symbiosis, 1996), Sandman- Wolfgang EP (Symbiosis, 1997), Sandman- Natural Born Killers (TIP, 1997), Sandman- Nostradamus EP (Matsuri, 1998), Sandman- Cyber Zoo 12" (Hadshot Haheizar, 1999), Sandman- Loop in Control remixes 12" (Hadshot Haheizar, 2000), Green House Effect vs. Sandman 12" (Balloonia, 2001).

He also released a lot of tracks on numerous compilations, among them:
Sandman- Tripulogic (Balagan, Trancentral 5), Sandman- G-Force (Balagan), Sandman- Starfinder (TIP singles, TIP The Story), Sandman- Natural Born Killer (Tan Trance 4, Retro), Sandman- Arkham (Goa Inside 2, Aja Huaska), Sandman- Target Eye (Resonance Mood), Sandman- End of the World (Full On, Tan Trance 6), Sandman- Nosterdamus (Trance Mix 7), Sandman- Nostradamus (Remix)(Travelling 5), Sandman- Highway 101 (TIP 3D), Sandman- Spawn (Made on Earth), Sandman- Ghostrider (Time Tunnel Remix) (New Psychedelic), Sandman- Mushroom Symphony (Excerpts From The Chillspace, Travelling 5), Sandman- STP (Space Mantra), Sandman- Illegal Business (Heavy Machinery), Sandman & Xerox- Bug2000 (Xerox- Freestyle), Green House Effect- Volfgang, Arkham & Spawn (Trance Mix 6), Green House Effect- My Old School (Full On 4), Green House Effect- Superfly (ISRaliens 2), Resistance Activity- G. Tests (ISRaliens), Xerox & Sandman- Bug 2000 (Xerox- Freestyle), Greenhouse Effect- State of Mind (Contact- Clubber vol. 1). Sandman- End of the World (Green House Effect remix) (Full On 5, Generations), Sandman- Storm Clouds (part 1) (Life Is...), Green House Effect vs. Sandman- Tribal Blah-Blah (Tribal Dance Experience), Sandman- Jungle Rock (Order Odonata 6), Sandman- The Dark Side (Joker Files v2), Xerox & Illumination vs. Sandman- Resolution (Full On 7).



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