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As a sound engineer and producer Charles has worked on the Triptych project since 2002. A funky trance music project which gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his unique production style. In 2007 with more than 50 releases and 2 albums Triptych is definitely one of the most innovative projects in the dance scene.

You can’t miss his groove....ground breaking progressive music pushing boundaries by integrating many influences from Funk to Electro. His dynamic rhythms, warm and bouncy bass lines deliver a very wide and clear sound. Lots of twisted samples are added to some progressive structures along with his own style of uplifting dance floor melodies. Mix all this together and you get the unique Triptych flavour that is rocking crowds worldwide. Constantly on tour since the massive album release, Electrology, Charles had made himself a household name in the trance world which has seen a stream of killer remixes from massive names such as John 00 Fleming and more.

He played in more than 20 countries for the largest and most respected organisations including Good Mood in Portugal, Earthcore and Green Ant in Australia, Good Food-Sun Tribe in Russia, Tranceformation and Tribe in Brazil, Gaia concept in France and for many other international festivals.

He has produced tracks for various compilations on labels that are among the best in the Psy-trance scene such as T.I.P, Transient, Nano, Mind control, Alchemy, Shiva Space and of course the french label Turbo Trance on which he already released his first 2 albums : "Lost Paradises" in 2003 and "Electrology" in 2005

He’s supported by very famous Dj such as Christopher Lawrence.

Due his originality Charles has earned recognition from other influential artists within the scene, many of whom have expressed the desire to remix his work. This led to the concept of the next Triptych album which will be a remix album, featuring remixes by the legendary Manmademan, John OO Fleming,Tranan, Pop stream, Motion and many more.

Source: Turbo Trance Records


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