Friday, August 26, 2011

Yo-Yo Records

About Yo-Yo Records

Yo-Yo Records is a small diy hc/punk label originally founded a few years ago in Southern Germany. Now we're located in Berlin. We started over ten year ago in a small village in souther Germany. We've put out records from bands like Latterman, The Sainte Catherines, I Farm, Deny Everything, Iron Chic, Bridge & Tunnel, Lights Out!, Young Livers, Attack! Vipers!, Offshore Radio, The Dauntless Elite, Useless ID, The Ataris, Down & Outs, Yesterday's Ring, North Lincoln and a couple more! We've booked tours for most of these bands too.

That's good I think, because people don't buy records from stupid people from some southern German village they've never heard of, but from stupid people if they live in big cities. I think that what you call professionalism.

Yo-Yo Records was always run by some vegan straight edge kids but for some strange reason all the band we've released records from tend to like alcohol a lot. Are we weird? Do we like the wrong music?

Yo-Yo Records


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