Friday, December 4, 2009

Dino Psaras

Dino Psaras


Dino Psaras started his DJ career back in 1988 DJing with the likes of Carl Cox in small warehouse parties in the south of England playing a wide variety of dance music from acid house to techno .

His career took a sudden change in direction in 1992.

After travelling in India he was exposed to the outdoor underground trance scene with its new found energy. Since this time he went on to DJ at some of the first underground psychedelic trance parties in London called A.C.I.D.( a concept in dance ), playing alongside Mike Maguire(Juno Reactor). From this he found his way into producing his own music working with Steve Ronan & Joti Sidhu to form one of the first psychedelic dance acts ” Ayahuasca “. Since these early days he has gone to become one of the worlds premier trance DJs playing in parties around the world including : London , New York , Paris , Tokyo , South Africa , South America , Burning Man Festival - Nevada Desert , Australia , New Zealand & all over Europe .

Dino , as one third of Cydonia has just completed their debut album “Haunted World” out on Blueroom , released summer 1999.

The experience he gained from performing at almost every dancefloor of the planet, makes him one of the top djs on the Techno-Trance scene.

His appearances at Samothraki Dance Festival dancefloor bring him straight to Oktava Records for releasing his debut album “Lick It” in 2003 contains 9 full on tracks written and produced at his studio in Brighton.

Dino Psaras


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