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Flowjob is Joakim Hjørne & Mads Tinggaard from Copenhagen/Roskilde. The project was first started by Joakim at the beginning of 2002 and released that very same year a 12” “Super Duper Supernova”/”Fandango” on German label “Love Sonic Disco”. After some time in the studio came the follow up: “Fluff me Tender” on Iboga’s famous compilation from 2003 “FX”. And it was later that year that the forces reunited and Mads Tinggaard, became a part of the project.

The 2 of them used to play in a band together long time ago. Mads was the drummer and Joakim the guitarist and it was obvious that they had to make elektronic music together aswell since they have been devoted to trance/house since 1993.

They started to develop their own caracteristic style which roughly can be described as housy morning trance with a possitive uplifting feeling. Their constant hard work in the studio has resolved in releases on Iboga, Tribal Vision, Millenium, and a track on Midjum made together with Luca off “4 Winds Circle”. Now the time has come to their debut album, which is promised to be an interresting journey in styles and soundscapes.

One thing is for sure though: Their mission is to lift you up and make you dance with a big smile on your face. The Flowjob Album “Support Normality” is being released on the 1st March 2006 on Iboga records.



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