Friday, December 4, 2009

Sun Control Species

Sun Control Species


Sun Control Species is Andrew Davidson (aka Drooid and Wombat), a progressive psytrance artist from Melbourne, Australia.

He has become a standard amongst the australian trance scene since the turn of the millenium. A fully accredited musician and engineer, working from ‘98 to 2000 as a commercial sound engineer and producer in Sydney, he eventually left to pursue his own music career. After deciding against joining a ‘boy band’ the project SCS was born.

Andrew has in recent years been considered to be at the forefront of writers in the progressive trance scene down under. Now he is fully ready to conquer the rest of the world with his deep and heartfelt music. Andrew is known for his engagement and thought through productions, putting a lot of effort and detail in every section of his compositions.

His debut album ‘Scienza Nuova’ was released in June 2007 on Iboga Records.

Now based in Melbourne, his countless perfomances and tireless travels all across australias thriving scene, has brought a solid reputation for the unique style and feel SCS brings to the table.

Released on progressive labels like Zenon, Sub-machine and Zma, Domo, and firmly working with IBOGA, remixing artists such as FREq, Antix and Behind Blue Eyes, SCS is an all-rounder who’s deep, emotional and uplifting music has been inspiring people ‘on’ and ‘off’ dance floors for years.

Sun Control Species


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