Friday, December 4, 2009

Xerox & Illumination

Xerox & Illumination


Xerox & Illumination are Moshe Keinan and Amir Dvir from Israel. Xerox released 4 albums: Xerox & Freeman - “Human Race” (1998), Xerox - “Freestyle” (1999), Maskalin - “Way of life” (2001) and Xerox - “Frequency drive” (2002). Illumination is Amir Dvir, a talented artist and sound technician of the first degree. He started making trance music under the name Luminus and released 3 albums: Luminus - “Journey into your dream” (1998), Luminus - “Hypnotica” (2000) and Luminus vs. Perplex - “Plexus” (2001).

The due joined forces in 2002 and since then released tracks in leading compilations of labels such as T.I.P world, HOMmega, Spun and Crystal Matrix. Their joint venture albums – “Temporary insanity” (2004) and “XI” (2005) delivered Psychedelic trance fused with mettalic sounds and highly influenced from the techno & breakbeat genres. A new formula with a huge production of action packed epic music fitting both morning and night time moods.

This new direction of the due was outstanding and it was not long before the biggest names in the scene Like Astrix, 1200mics, Etnica, Domestic & X-noiZe came knocking for remixes. In between the Brazil, Japan and European tours, XI are spending all their spare time in the studio working on a collaboration track with Astrix and on their new album which is schedueled to be released in 2007.

Xerox & Illumination


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