Sunday, August 21, 2011



Yonatan Marcow, a.k.a Bliss has quickly become one of the hottest artists around. Being in close quarters with acts like Painkiller, he promises to become the next contender in the heavy weight world of Psytrance. Grafting hard at his new album and having Israel as his birth place, his words on Monkeysfist is hugely enjoyed.

At the age of 16 Yonatan Marcow discovered electronic music and the psytrance world with tunes from astral projection, double dragon and other mind blowing acts from those times.It was then yonatan decided to start produce psytrance.

With out leaving the studio much and hours of hard work Yonatan lished "BLISS" upon the world with his debut album ,"The Rhythmus Gene", on Phantasm early in 2005. It came as a big surprise to many in the psyworld. Since then, Yonatan has been traveling around the globe, performing his new tunes at parties, festivals and clubs.

Monkey Fist
Reverb Nation


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