Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dooper Doopler


Today, the music industry has produced an array of trends and genres… though none comparable to the beats of Dooper Doopler... .. Dooper Doopler - Nave Elia (23) and Roy Ribak (23) veteran creators bring a unique style of electronic music with electro trance, house and techno vibes. Roy & Nave from Beer Sheva city, located in the southern parts of Israel , one of the hottest most vibrant artists Israel has manufactured in the last few years, started their music career at a very young age with software programs characterized by that time, programs such as Impulse Tracker.

With time and experience, the sound and quality of Dooper Doopler have intensified. Their first track, 'Confused', was released in 2002 under the label Compact Records that belonged to D.J. Bog (Gadi Marian). This was a progressive track that was a huge success and appeared in a number of collections. The track also became a remix by the talented artist Contact, and was released in 2003.

ln 2004 the duo released 'Remember' under the Greek label ZMA. Similar to previous tracks, this track received excellent reviews. The following year, in 2005 Roy and Nave released 3 more tracks, 'Music', 'Here it comes', and 'Survival', with the cooperation of Moonstone Rec, and Magma Rec. .. .. In 2009 the duo released the track 'Push Up', in the Zenith Collection, under the label, Icarus Creations. .

Roy and Nave have collaborated with the talented trance artist Didi Ezra (Bizzare Contact), on a number of tracks that have become big hits and have been played in huge festivals around the world.

Dooper Doopler have collaborated with a number of other successful artists such as Electro Sun, Visual Paradox, System Nipel, and few more... These days Roy and Nave are working on an debut album which is in its finishing stages... Expect the Unexpected.. .. Cya on the DanceFloor !

Dooper Doopler


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