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Dusan Sekic aka Duca is a producer of electronic music from Belgrade, Serbia.

His story began at his age of 12 when he started going to Belgrade techno events and clubbing soon became his way of life. Since his first party he has had a little doubt about what he wanted to do in his life. Around that time he began collecting his first music making gear and started creating some loops and melodies of his own.

Year 2004 was the turning point for this young artist as he finally made his debut release. He dabbled into everything - from acid trance through techno to goa trance - only to reach progressive house and techno, which are the genres he is most into these days. At 2007 he made contact with renowned label Tribal Vision Records, soon became one of their artists and in September 2008 released there his debut album entitled After Dark. The album was an instant success and Duca became well-known name on the progressive and techno scene.

During the last couple of years he has released a big amount of singles and EPs on number of top progressive/techno labels such as Flow / Flow Vinyl, Iboga, Spiral Trax, Lo Kik and many others. He has performed worldwide with his live and DJ sets, including countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, India, Canada or Switzerland. He has been much honored to be part of Sao Paulo's Virada Cultural line-up and considers this festival to be the pinnacle of his career.



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