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NOKTAMID’s first sounds were brought to life at the beginning of the 80s, although not identifiable as his later well-known progressive psy-trance productions. At that time, he was busy learning his first steps on earth. First contact to music was established by playing the flute in his early childhood.

Later on, the flute was substituted by a trumpet which he was performing for around eight years in several jazz and brass big bands until he wanted to create his own music. The real foundation for his actual music style was laid in 2002 when he met GORDON BLEU (

After visiting some trance parties and during numerous jam-sessions, they discovered their similar understanding for music which accelerated their enthusiasm and determination to become more professional which was established by purchasing the adequate studio equipment. As a result, they played at several parties (mostly together as URBAN UTOPIA) throughout the following years.

At the end of 2005, NOKTAMID's successful track “Tuned Reference” was released on DJ BIM’s well-known label MIDIJUM RECORDS and a little later it could be found on the GOA 2006 Vol.1 Compilation of YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION, too. In the subsequent year he started the techno/house-project "AKeeM" (

So far concerning the past, after several track releases on compilations NOKTAMID produced his debut album "Audio Ergo Sum" which was released in 2010. Be curious for things coming!

Some former gigs:
Arena (Rd).. Tempura (Ki).. Maharaja (Ki).. Neumondakustik (Ki).. Magic Movement (Ki).. Deep Blue Sea 1 (Ki).. Walpurgis Night (HL).. Free Frequency (Thessaloniki, GR).. Freitagsclub 02.06 (Ki).. Buddha-Lounge (St. P-O).. Atlantis Beach O.A. (St. P-O).. From Dusk Till Dawn (Ki).. Deep Blue Sea 3 (Ki).. FULLMOON FESTIVAL 2007 O.A. (near Berlin).. Freitagsclub 02.08 (Ki).. Symbiotic Experience O.A. 08 (SH).. Spirit of Time O.A. 08 (SH).. Fantasy Psyland O.A. 08 (Meck.-Pomm.).. Call To Memorize (Cologne).. Offline Groove pres. Cemet Nosce (Zürich, CH).. Rock it! Silvester 08 (Ki).. Fantasy Psyland goes Kunterbunt 09 (HH).. Deep Blue Sea 5 (Ki).. Symbiotic Experience O.A. 09 (SH).. Freitagsclub 11.09 (Ki).. Spirit of Sounds 1 Year Birthday 12.09 (Dortmund).. Fantasy Psyland Sylvester Special (Fl).. Fantasy Psyland meets Cosmic Tunes 01.10 (HH).. Deep Blue Sea 6 (Ki).. Brazilian Nights - Cosmic Tunes Summer Break (HH).. Doors Of Perception birthday session O.A. (near Fl).. Symbiotic Experience O.A. 2010 (SH).. Wake Up 11 (Hoch Ybrig, CH).. Impulse (Bülach, CH).. Unity (Ki).. Stairs Club (Zürich, CH).. Frühclub (HH).. Om-Club (Zürich, CH) etc...



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