Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cyrus The Virus


CYRUS THE VIRUS is the Project of Jan Willem Bot and started to play at the age of 15 years old in Amsterdam..., He started Producing and playing my own songs on parties in 1995.

After some gigs in The Netherlands and outside the urge to start producing music got to strong and in 2000 he managed to get his own studio built in Amsterdam, with help from his buddies at Spun Records. The breakthrough for this young talent was not too long later with the track "William Wallace", co-produced by G.M.S. An epic trance track that made sure his name wouldn't go unnoticed anymore after that and that set the stage for him internationally.

Releasing on Spun Records caused a global demand for his sound in 2004 and touring all over the globe was a logical consequence from his hard work. Impressions during all touring in countries such as Portugal, Japan, UK, Sweden, Serbia, Holland and others were perfectly transformed into his impressive first artist album "Subliminal", released on Spun Records in 2005.

After this release his sound got demanded more and more worldwide and more touring is being planned. Nowadays Cyrus the Virus is one of the world's most wanted live-acts, he has currently just toured Japan, Mexico & most of Europe and also appeared as one of the opening acts on the already legendary Soulclipse festival in Turkey 2006. Jan-Willem Bot is a name to remember and his about to write history once more with his 2nd album "Virtuoso" was released on Vision Quest records in Japan….. And Currently JW is Working on a 3rd Album what is sure to 2 be the best one yet!

Cyrus The Virus


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