Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Etic is a well established project of international acclaimed Dj and producer Etay Harari which is also the founder of Digital Nature Records.

The project release his debut album Touchups in 2004 , 2nd album “feedback “ in 2005, 3rd album “zooming out “ in 2007 . and with a vast number of tracks, released on selected international labels worldwide, he is releasing his 4th studio album “Statistics” this year 2010 >> OUT NOW >>Etay Harari (35) from israel, a sound engineer and musician for 15years, a drummer and guitar player. after few years of composing rock and traveling in year 2000 “Etic”project start ,after few years and releases. The project released his debut album Tuochups @ Trancelucent prod' on 2004.

A year after 2005 “feedback” the 2nd artist album was released and put the project on the world psyprog map, preforming world wide. After many releases in major labels the 3rd album (Zooming out) was out in 2007.The project start working with Spintwist records this year and released Two Digital eps in 2008 “middle report” and “digital info” and now this year (2010) “Statistics” the 4th studio album is now out !! by Digital Nature rec established by etay.

Etic's sound is powerful deep and pumping psyprog but also ambient chill out and freestyle trks been made in any of the albums.



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