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Etnoscope the swedish trance band focusing on polyrythmic percussion, original synthetic soundscapes and tribal musical exploration of ancient ethnic origins mixed with modern human evolution.

In the mid 90´s Raz and Ludde met through common friends, in the small town called Kristianstad. They devoted many nights to weird musical experimentation, most of the time in Raz notorious apartment. Throughout this crazy time the friends (now including Alex C & Linus Z) created the chill-out project "Spooky minds" from a few sessions with a unique sound every time since everything was completely... improvised. Unfortunately there's nothing recorded from this time (or is it….. ;-), but a lot of psychedelic memories remain, and of course they live through the project today.

After finishing school, Ludde left Kristianstad and worked as a freelance illustrator and wrote pianomusic. At the same time music-destiny brought Raz and Collin together. Collin had at this point done tracker techno for many years on his home PC. Of course they met each other at a party! When the common passions started falling into place they decided to put their resources together. Beside the computer, Raz was also a lucky owner of a KORG MS-20. His skills in creating warm analogue noises fitted right in (the MS-20 was of course something prominent in the Spooky minds sound as well). In a basement, in a room with cosy concrete walls, the first fragments of the Etnoscope studio became reality. In the MIDI-based studio Raz & Collin produced their first trance pieces in the name of Etnoscope. Some of the releases of today actually have their essence from these early tracks.

In the fall of 99, Ludde and Raz met a few times on common friends parties, and the music-discussions were obvious. So when Ludde came back to Sweden in early 2000 after a few months travelling in Africa, he visited Raz & Collin in Kristianstad. Instantly some funky sessions were recorded. Everybody felt that this was something to work with, after a few more amazingly tight sessions team Etnoscope became. 3 completely different individuals complementing each other very well and after playing live a few times they decided to go for this concept for real and try to strike a deal. In the spring of 2001 Etnoscope signed with Digital Structures and in November the first tunes were released. "Flosiploskan" on the compilation "Footprints", "Das Fugel" & "Referize" on 12".

The Etnoscope studio is continually developing with new hardware and Live instruments in symbiosis with hardware and software processing . . As a result of this the process looks a bit different from the early days. The typical etnoscope sound comes from the process of working with the actual sound more then the sequencing. We are even considering a completely acoustic gig someday!? One day you might see a very different Etnoscope-show….

------ Msn: Skype: etnoraz




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