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Psyborg - The story Romano Zanni is a 31 year old italian Dj and Producer that lives and breathes music. And one of his Trance-projects is The Psyborg project witch was born at the end of 2004 for necessitate to develop and create his musical idea and ideals.

Psyborg has put all of his spirit to stimulate and achieve a new sound in world trance scene . And Now, after 2 years of musical development, he is ready to prove that he is a serious and fresh artist. Psyborg's style is a fusion of metallic percussions and very melodic synth lines with particular attention to powerful kick and bass with influences from electro and progressive house. He works with a lot of vst and plug-in with Access Virus rack xl and sometimes with Access Virus TI Polar and his preferred vst comes from reFx, Rob Papen and Waves. He produces with Intel Pentium 4 3.6 ghz, 1,5 gb RAM, M-Audio firewire 410 and with the use of some midi keyboards.

Until the year 2005 he played for Solarsiv Rec, and he now is signed at and plays for Savva Rec. Both are new and fresh labels and at the same time, they give attention to the quality of the sound and they also give the possibility for new artists to express there real potential. And The Psyborg Project has already released 5 tracks on different compilations on which he shared with international artists like Der Eins Punkt,Niebla del Mar, Xenical,Audiomatic ,Polaris ,Sensifeel ,Skifi and some of the most important artists in the world of Trance.

He has played at The Sunexplosion ( Italian trance festival ) in 2004 and 2005, at the In:deep:an:Dance 2005 and 2006, and at many parties in Italy and at some parties in Germany and Sweden. He has shared the stages with some of the biggest names on the Trance scene like Vibrasphere, Perfect Stranger, Aerospace, Fabio, Benni Moon, Vaishiyas, Xibalba, Alfredo Garcia, Audiomatic and many more.

At this time he is working really hard to realize and finish his debut album "Karma" expected to be released before the end of 2007. RELEASE: Digital Souls - Mucho Gusto (Solarsiv rec.) Atmospheres vs Trom - Connected (Solarsiv rec.) Psyborg - Spirit of love (Solarsiv rec.) Alion - Be quiet_Pstborg rmx (Solarsiv rec.) NEXT RELEASE: Satyagraha - Detektor (Original Parkerz label) Psyborg - Dias de XL (Original Parkerz label) FOR INFO CONTACTS BOOKINGS:



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