Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frozen Ghost


Frozen Ghost is Barry Wynn, a South African psytrance producer who has been releasing music since 2004.

Frozen Ghost was a Canadian rock band that formed in 1985 by Arnold Lanni and Wolf Hassel, who were previously with the band Sheriff. “Should I See”, an anti-censorship song, became a minor hit in the United States, reaching 69th position on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles in 1987. The video for that song was nominated for Best Video of the Year at the 1987 Juno Awards, but lost to Glass Tiger’s “Someday”.

On their final album, “Shake Your Spirit” there were two official additions to the band. John Bouvette, who was on drums and percussion, and Phil X who did some vocals, and played the guitar. Phil X was also credited on the album “Nice Place To Visit” for being a guitarist, but was not considered an official band member until the final album was released.

Frozen Ghost disbanded in 1993.

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