Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full Moon Festival

About FullMoon Festival

The Moon is full again, so the time has come to give you some news about the Fullmoon Festival!
Additionally we will provide you in the following months some worth knowing facts, myths, cults and rituals around our eponymous, the moon.

At first some actual development:

Chriss and Ralf are in India, meeting all the freaks & family, spreading the 2nd run of Fullmoon Festival flayer and pushing the booking further. They will return next week with a bag full of new arrangements, but it will stay suspenseful, until the line up it’s not completed.

We are absolutely glad to have received all permissions from the German authorities that are needed for a successful setting of the FullMoon! These permission, which last year were not given in the right time frame, were the reason, why the festival couldn’t take place in 2009. You can imagine that our activities were down for a day because of us whirling and dancing though the office and being exited about this funny piece of paper.

Requests of shops and art spaces from all over the world are already coming in. In April we will start contacting everybody, as we would like to have a harmonious concept with selected, beautifully decorated shops and an international width of participants. We are looking forward to creating a colorful and illuminated space with all activists, which complements our set up wonderfully and invites you to linger about, meet and pause.

And now some facts and myths around the full moon..


Did you know, that the moon orbit is not a circle but in an ellipse? Short before the moon is full today, the moon will reach the shortest distance to earth, which is around 356.000 km. The maximum distance is 406.740 km. So it might seem bigger than on other days.

There is one more phenomenon that makes the moon seem bigger, but is not related to the real distance or elliptic orbit. It’s called the moon illusion and can be seen on the horizon while the moon is rising. Later in the same night it seems to be further back again. But all this is just an illusion, which is still being examined. One theory is, that it seems bigger due to the depth information, that is between the visitor and the moon


The full moon stands in many cultures for accomplished growth, maturity and implementation. Whatever forces were slumbering within people, are now breaking out. This are not only good feelings. Everything suppressed or not lived can be freed in this time. Our deepest emotions may come on the surface. That’s why there is a lot of aggressive but also high sexual potential around these days.

This time has also a big quality for rituals, that are connected with inner visualizations and deep feelings like telling fortune and to put one's cards on the table. Talented people often have visions or clairvoyant dreams around the full moon.

In different cultures there always existed myths and tips, what one should know and do: They say:

...that people are looking for conflicts but also may be extremely joyous..

…that men should salute and women should curtsy three times to the moon in order to keep away disasters and accidents until the next full moon…

…that who doesn’t toast at least once to the full moon is not worth having luck (greek toast)…

…that who drinks at full moon does it excessively…

…that the full moon has influence on our sleep (due to a survey 39% of the people believe it)…

…that clear water, being illuminated by the full moon in a glass over night, gives you enormous beauty while washing your face with it ne next morning (from Croatia)..

…that curative herbs, cut shortly before the full moon, reveal their power in the edges..

…that virgins (!) can enlarge their breasts through the full moon shining on them at midnight..

…that you can clean and upload your stones and crystals energetically in the full moon..

…that you shouldn’t take important decisions while the moon is full…

…that it is recommended to lay your wallet opened in the moonlight to collect the full energy in order to attract money..

…that the body absorbs everything better at full moon, i.e. vitamins, creams but also toxic…

Enough for now, the next full moon will be accomplished with an astrological view on the moon activities.

So, take care everybody, we’ll be back at the next full moon!

Click here for further information: FullMoon Festival


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