Monday, August 29, 2011

IONO Records

About IONO Records

Trance music has been undergoing an intense development during the last years: While sounds are getting always faster and harder on the one hand, sets from alternative floor DJs can often not be distinguished from Techno artists. So its very refreshing to know that there still is something in the middle: Iono Music provides our scene with high- class releases since 2005, melting the classical Trance patterns with recent sounds.

At this point, we like to give you some background information about us, the people behind Iono Music and about our plans and intentions for our label. But first of all we like to thank our loved wives and children for tolerating our follies. We also thank our label partners and friends for supporting and helping us with our work day by day. And we thank you, the Iono audience for sharing our music taste and supporting our artists by buying their stuff.

Why we love what we do

When we started our label work we have fixed our label’s maxim: We will never release any track of music we do not really love - also when it goes into a more trendy or popular direction than that we obviously prefer. So, you may call our music progressive, psychedelic, full -on, electro, ambient, techno, house, old or new school - we simply call it high quality electronic music.

We don’t mind about styles and names, the music only has to express deep passion, individual qualitative power and strong musical skills of its producer. On those basics this music began to exist many years ago.Positive, more or less innovative trends, influences and movements will come and go like they always used to do.

Of course we know that trance music can not re-invent itself anymore and some people say that in this music genre any story has been told already. But isn’t that a fact which also applies to every kind of music style? Classic, Jazz, Pop, each music direction has been following its own pattern for years, decades and centuries - and has still its magic. Our label and all artists are working hard to keep the magic in this music alive for anyone who feels the same pleasure like we do.

Iono Music was founded in 2005 by Matthias Sperlich. He was born in 1977 and resident in Berlin, Germany. He works as a professional “vfx-artist” for cinema and tv as a freelancer.

In his musical part of life he has been spinning for more than ten years now and in 2005 he produced his first own trance album as “Koaxkaos”. Especially for the release of this album he founded his own label Iono Music.

As Dj Cubbixx he has played some major festivals like Vuuv, Fusion and many more arround Europe.

IONO Records


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