Monday, August 29, 2011

Kagdila Records

About Kagdila Records

Los Angeles, California seems like a very "strange place" to be looking for psychedelic trance, the loyal following of this genre of electronic music stretches from the beaches of India, throughout the deserts of the African continent, the festivals and clubs of Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Enter Kagdila Records, supplying the world with fresh, bountiful supplies of progressive electronic dance floor, psytrance and down beats. In fact, within the last years, the company has been successful in reaching out to a good part of the rest of the world also, with a steady clientele both in Canada and Mexico as well as overseas in Europe and Asia.

Plans for the future include more album releases by today's hottest psytrance artist’s periodic, outdoor gatherings featuring international artists, as well as the licensing and releasing of one of the most sought after psytrance albums of all time.

Kagdila Records


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