Monday, August 29, 2011



In music the emotional component is strong, in it find the reflexion of feeling and the emotions inherent in the person. It as is various, as well as our thoughts, our spiritual condition: here it seems that the melody withdraws us in the world where harmony and rest reigns, and at some instant in it are heard переживанияи a pain. To try to reflect completeness of private world of the person - such purpose the author pursues.

Sensum - the project of Russian musician Alexey Kuleshov starting in 2000.
Beginning the creativity with fast rhythms of such music as trance, hard trance and house, the author gradually passes to other stylistics - to reflexing music, to the melodies born by private world of the musician. Project Sensum is an experiment with a sound. The author tries to find new sounding, to create the special microcosm, the мелодику compositions. Music Sensum is an interlacing of set of enveloping atmospheric Sounds (from cold, at times frightening, to calming, weakening) with a melody which comes from anywhere and leaves in anywhere.



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