Thursday, August 25, 2011

Karahana - The First Psychedelic Trance Movie

This one is dedicated to all the old school trance lovers out there!
This is how it used to be and what it could be again!
True trance power and spirit is GOA trance!

Soundtrack featured by:
Zoo-B, M.M.M, Tsuyoshi, Deedrah, M.F.G,
Muses Rapt, Mushroomman, Youth, X-Dream, California Sunshine, Darren, Tandu, Astral Projection, Shiva Space

It happened in the summer of 1997!

From outer space, from another dimension with cosmic-hypnotic sounds came the trance-ship and
landed in ISRAEL. The super-computer chose the "Drugless" festival as the place where the
revolution will start & turn into one of the best outdoor parties ever!


01. –°alifornia Sunshine - Alala
02. Deedrah - Essential
03. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
04. Shiva Shidapu - Power Of Celtic (Remix)
05. Tandu - Alien Pump
06. ManMadeMan & Tristan - Purple Merlin
07. Prana - Kiba (Tristan & Process Remix)
08. Prana - Alien Pets
09. Deedrah - Self Oscillation
10. Ibizarre - The Aeon
11. Total Eclipse - Blue Galaxie
12. MFG - When We Dream
13. Muses Rapt, The - Spiritual Healing
14. Mushroomman - Crystaldelic
15. Zodiac Youth - Devil's Circus (Elysium Remix)
16. Disco Volante - Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix)
17. Delta, The - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling
18. Johann Bley - Stranded (The Delta Remix)
19. California Sunshine - Rain
20. Tandu - New Aura
21. Astral Projection - Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen)


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