Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Since 1998, Alex Golz, better known as DJ Mullekular, is an active DJ in the global trance cene with great feedbacks. As the new millenium begun, he started to produce under some project names like Kularis, NEA and Salaris.

Kularis is a psyprogessive Project which is influenced by the typical " Hamburg sound", that means groovy basslines with percussive rhytmics.But his catchy music keeps the psy-spirit alive, due to its structures and sounds.Sometimes you will listen to a tribalistic part and a nice melody will lift your head from the body.

In the last decade Alex went arround the globe to present his idea of electronic and progressive music to the people who enjoy celebrating life. On his jorney he already played at most famous festivals and clubs like VuuV Festival, Indian Spirit, Fusion Festival, Fullmoon and many more.

Two Albums, more than thirty single releases and digital tracks show the high enthusiasm and energy of him. Always to force himself to a new level.

So if you feel in the mood to pick some fresh audiophile tunes, dont miss his strong live performance and rememberable DJ set in your country..



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