Friday, August 26, 2011

Liquid Vision


The man behind the Liquid Vision name is DJ and Producer Martin Newstead from Dundee, Scotland. The story started at a young age when he began to develop love for dance music.

The way it sounded was completely different to things he had heard before, as with any child seeing music videos on tv there was always a dream of wanting to be one of those people one day.

In 1997 a music programme called "Ejay" was given to him as a present, this is where it all began, after using ejay for a few years as he grew older he wanted to create more proffesional sounding music and in july 2005 moved onto using FL Studio, by this time dance/trance music was in his veins and had really developed a love for the sound of it. The 1st track that he produced was called "Eternity" and feedback for this was good. As with each new track he began to improve that bit more, with more ideas and influences to listen to his tracks would take on there own unique sound.

Since starting out in 2005 his music has undergone many changes into the sound that you hear today. His passion and love for producing started as a young lad and it just grew over time. His tracks today all feature what people call his trademark "Liquid" bassline, which rumbles through the floor.

As soon as you hear that you just know its one of his tracks, even with so many artists out there he still manages to create tracks in his own unique way. Influenced by a whole bunch of artists in the music industry today. When he was younger he also took keyboard lessons which has aided him when it came to producing, not to mention playing the guitar and being able to sing also.

So don't be surprised to hear his own vocals in one of his tracks in the future. From producing he moved onto dj'ing taking this up in early 2007 and since then has been practicing both, with his ever growing determination to improve at producing and mixing you can guarantee that he will be giving 100% effort each time. So he loves producing and he loves dj'ing, who knows what the future hold... Guess we'll all just have to find out!

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