Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Nicolas Oesch Aka Nikka Is The Musical Creator Of The
Psytrance Project Mekkanikka. Born In Switzerland, Nikka Has Been Driven By Music His Whole Life, Expressing His Talents At The Age Of 8 With The Piano, Later In His Teens Attending Jazz School And Playing Bass In Punk Bands Around Europe, Eventually, He Was Led To California Where He Recorded Local Bands And Be...gan His Career In Audio Production.

Then He Was Introduced To The World Of Psytrance Thru Burning Man And The Infamous Psytrance Collective Of The CCC In San Francisco, Where He Soon Began Producing And Dj.Ing Psytrance.

In 1999, Nikka Started The Project Of Biodegradable With Samy Guediche (CPU) And Max( Sirus Isness), Which Gained Quick Recognition Through Tracks On Compilations And From Their, Their Album Release Of Phaser On Acid Dance Records In 2001.

Nikka Then Began His Own Super Psychadelic Project Of Mekkanikka, Releasing Basic Tribal Pattern In 2003 On Spirit Zone. Since Then He Has Received Lots Of Postive Attention From International Dancefloors And Has Had Many Releases On Compilations From Labels Such As 3d Vision, Spirit Zone, Nuerobiotic, Turbo Trance Rec., Spliff Rec, Agitato Rec., Phantasm Rec., And Materia Rec.

Mekkanikka Is Now In Barcelona Producing His Next Album And Has Been Playing His Cutting Edge New Sound Around The World. Recently He Collaborated With Other Psytrance Artists Such As Planet B.E.N.., CPU, Bliss, Sirius_Isness , PainKiller, InnerAction, Pan Papanson, EarthLink, Chromatom, Puzzle...

Nikka Is Ready To Release His New Album On Planet B.E.N. Recs. Pumping Tracks, Ready To Scortch The Ground Under Your Feet, The Mekka Full Force Will Rock Your Socks Off, With Intoxicated Nikka Has Taken This Project To The Next Level. Cristal Clear Production, Super Tight Rhythmic, Massive Basseline, And Of Course The Musicality Of This Album, Being, One Of The Main Driving Force. Taking You Through A Journey, Reciting Tales Of Musical Psychedelia, Nikka Will Surely Intoxicate You In The Near Future.



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