Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Christophe started the music when he was 6 years old. After 8 years of classical piano, he got involved in several different musical experiences for almost a decade (a jazz trio, the school big band orchestra then a heavy metal band and a dub-reggae project).

This quest for diversity drove him finally to a psy-trance festival in 1999 where he immediately fell in love with the superb fusion of styles that this music represents. So, he quickly bought a computer to start experimenting a lot of ideas he had in mind for years and at the same time he starts spinning around in small underground parties He also learnt a lot about sound-engineering thanks to books, artist-friends, and other tutorials.

Then, after a few years of nervous breakdown and states of euphoria, he released his first tracks at the end of 2005. His unique style (a crossover between neo fullon and scandinavian progressive trance) brought him several bookings in Europe and South America where the crowd reacted in a very positive way. He's actually working on his second album which will be released at the end of next year.



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