Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Phony Orphants


Jeppe ├śrnkilde (Dj jeppe) and Mikael Dahlgaard (Dj Emok) where at the forefront of developing the Progressive Scandinavian sound, which swept the world in the end of the 90s and the start of the new millennium.

In 98 the Iboga studio was formed and soon after the boys had their first releases coming out on various labels such as Transient, Aries, Plastic Park, Nanobeat (formed by Dj Jeppe), Plusquam and of course Iboga Records( formed by Banel & Emok). In Iboga Records the boys had the perfect platform for making their mark on the electronic music scene, and with their now classic debut album Symphony, they did just that. US organizer, Gaian Mind wrote: Since their first release appeared in 1999, Phony Orphants have crafted a fat, driving sound which rocks every dance floor! With a wide variety of influences and styles, expect a journey from bouncy progressive trance, through groovy electro inspired tunes and funky house beats - psychedelically enhanced! Pumping, grooving electronica at its finest!

An extensive tour followed to promote the album, which took the boys around the world to big festivals and parties like Voov in Germany, the Outback eclipse in Australia, Utage In Japan and the Equinox in Mexico. The 2nd album ECT was released in 2005, a far more Electro and House inspired bunch of tracks but still very much in tune with the classic progressive Iboga sound. The album went down well with crowds around the world and saw the Orphants take their live set skills to new levels.

After 2 years of touring the boys needed new inspiration and felt the project would bennefit with a rest, so in 2007 Emok started his own solo project Maelstrom, and released his first album called Maelstrom in 2008 followed by the second album "Lights On" in 2009. After times of change and personal projects the boys have set up a new studio in Copenhagen and have finished writing their 3rd album called: Computer Music, released in December 2009! With the new album the guys are going back to the progressive trance roots, with a bang on fat production that will blow your mind.

Phony Orphants


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