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There are 10 artists with the same name:

1) Shift was a New York Post-Hardcore band. They started in New York City, some time around 1990, when they were freshmen and sophmores in high school. Their initial goal was to get their friends to dance during the “mosh parts” of their songs at the high school talent show. They did and they knew they were on to something. They started to play clubs around town, and recorded a pair of demo tapes that they sold at shows. Soon they signed to Equal Vision Records and released “Pathos” in 1994 and “Spacesuit” in 1995. Next they moved to Columbia Records and put out “Get In” in 1997 before breaking up in 1998. They toured the U.S. numerous times and Europe twice. They were proud to share the stage with Quicksand, Sick Of It All, Jawbox, Rocket From the Crypt, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Clutch, Tad, Texas Is The Reason, Shelter, Into Another, Burn, Orange 9mm, 108, Civ, Earth Crisis, The Promise Ring, NOFX, Face To Face, L7, Our Lady Peace, Supertouch, Endpoint, Avail, Killing Time, Local H, Stillsuit, Mind Over Matter and many many other great bands over the years. Samantha has gone on to play drums for Hole, Motley Crue, Eagles of Death Metal and currently, Peaches. Josh formed Big Collapse and released 2 albums. He has new project in the works. They still hear, from time to time, that they were an influential band… while other people have forgotten or maybe never knew they existed. Either way they had a lot of fun. This page was made to reconnect with old friends and fans.

2) Shift is Chris Hoy from Cape Town, South Africa. Psytrance producer and DJ. Since his first release in 2001 sHiFt has worked with some of the biggest and the smallest labels in the scene giving him access to more listeners and opportunities to experiment with the direction and structure of his sound and arrangement. To this day he has released nearly 200 tracks in his various forms as sHiFt, Twisted System, Pitch Hikers, and Mantis. A recognized DJ and Live performer he has toured every continent. His sound ranges from powerful & melodic twilight full-on, to twisted night psy-techno. His 4th solo album “alternator” has thrashed dance floors around the globe, and his last compilation Midnight Storm III shows his excellent remix and team production skills; but now expect some big new blasters from this psychedelic phenomenon as sHiFt rips into the space between your ears!

3) Shift was a two-membered, Singapore based punk band, consisting of guitarist ‘D’ and drummer ‘A’. The duo (neither of whom are Singaporean) released two demos and enjoyed some success with the single “Pot Noodle Part II”. They reached their peak playing to around 200 people, at the Tanglin Plugged festival. However, the band was forced to break up, three years into its existence.

The two have since reunited on four separate occasions, recording four EP’s, one as Psygon 3 and three as xNoizemongeRx.

4) Shift is also the name of a Dallas,Texas based Celtic and Folk group.

5) Shift is a popgroup from the Netherlands, which took part in the National Finals for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1990. They reached the 3rd place.

6) Noise musician Martin Willford, born in Sweden, Willford now resides in Hampshire, UK.

7) Shift is an alternative punk rock band in Yamagata, Japan.

8) Norwegian rapper from Bergen

9) Portuguese straight edge melodic hardcore band active from 1997 to 2004.

10) Shift was a Belgian EBM/electro project consisting of Hank Barrett, Jessie Deep!, X-Hausted B, and Zorg.

11) Shift is a metal band from Melbourne, Australia, consisting of members of former New Zealand band Nadir. Founded by Rob Lambert in late 2009, the band describe themselves as Dark, heavy and intense. Their debut EP ‘Faceless’ has been released as a ‘pay what you want’ download made available at their website:

Last FM


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