Monday, August 22, 2011

Visual Paradox


Visual Paradox are DJ Bog (Gaddy Marian) & Dj Solly (Solly Noama). Bog: Bog is the co-owner of Boa Group LTD., an investment group for musical enterprises, and a successful international Dj & Producers (under: Visual Paradox & Visual Contact).

Bog a man of many trades is also a talented sound engineer working and performing Analogue & Digital Sound mastering from his state of the art studio, OverDose Studio, located in the office of Boa Group. Bog was born in 1976 in Israel, grew up and still living in Binyamina (Israel). He is married to Liat and a father to Shahar & Barak. From his youth he was attracted to sound engineering and music. Bog worked in a wide selection of Sound companies as a PA (Sound) technician.

He discovered the world of electronic music in 1992, when the scene started evolving in Israel. In 1997, he started to DJ in small underground parties all over the country. In the year 2000, Bog started to collect electronic and analog instruments, building his own studio and producing his own music. In the year 2001 he founded Compact Records, one of today's leading Trance oriented labels. Com.Pact represents various styles of trance music, ranging from progressive trance to full on.

Among the evolving Com.Pact records crew one can find Aquatica, Apocalypse, Bizzare Contact, Cosmic Tone, Ferbi Boys, Lish, Sesto Sento, Tactic Mind, TKY, Ultravoice, Visual Paradox, & Visual Contact. Visual Paradox has released a large amount of tracks which appeared on respected compilation releases worldwide, and has compiled wide selection of compilation releases as well.. Visual Paradox released 2 studio album: "Kick The Habbit" (Com.Pact Rec. 2002), & "All you can beat" (Com.Pact Rec. 2004). Solly: Dj Solly Noama is one of the pioneering figures who raised the local Club scene in Jerusalem to an international level. Solly was featured as the resident of the well-known, Jerusalem based, club "Haoman 17", for 4 years.

Later on Solly was offered to lead the musical agenda of another leading club "Hataasiya". Throughout his long career, Solly has performed in practically every leading Club in Israel, such as" "The Vertigo", "The Forum", "Zoom", "Octopus" etc... Dj Solly has hosted, and played along side international leading figures such as: Tiesto, Dimitri, Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Seb Fontaine, Rene, & others. Aside from being a leading Dj in the local and international club scenes, Solly is also known for, and is consider as one of the Top Dj's for Private & corporate events. His breathtaking performances, perfect mixing abilities, were he incorporates all types of musical expressions, enhanced by his remarkable drumming ability has gained Solly a spotless reputation.

These days Solly is actively leading a tight performance schedule, domestically & internationally, leading Vibe Music into another dimension. In 2008 a new division of Boa Group was brought to life – Vibe Music. Managed mainly by Bog & Solly and supported by all the Boa Group team. Vibe includes 2 divisions of its own who act as 2 individual entities yet work together perfectly. Vibe Music provides music to exclusive private events, commercial companies etc… Vibe Technologies is our equipment department was established in order to complete the musical experience that Vibe provides it's clients. It provides services in the fields of sound, lighting and screening, while using the most advanced equipment available in the market. It enables us to control these aspects independent of the location.

The Visual Paradox is also part of the Visual Contact group along side leading producer Bizzare Contact. Teaming up with mega-producer Avi Levy (Ultravoice) Bog & Solly created Double-Click - the HOTTEST act on the scene today.

Visual Paradox


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