Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winter Demon


Winter demon is Nimrod Dvir born 1984 in the city Yavne, Israel.

Nimrod discovered the electronic music world when he was just at the age of 12. He had little background in piano, keyboards and drums.

The psychedelic trance was for him a real click when he found it, and at the age of 16 he already started to play at psytrance raves in Israel . A few years later he got into the world of music creation with his close friends Miki & Kobi a.k.a Psychotic Micro that first showed him the way to work with the Logic program. later he started to work with the Nuendo program which he is still using today.

At the age of 21 Nimrod has already made tracks with many artists such as - Azax Syndrom, P.Micro, Toxic, Seroxat, Phatmatix, Chicago(1200 mics)… has been touring the world intensively and already played almost everywhere in Europe ,Brazil ,India ,Australia ,Japan ,Mexico ,Nepal ,USA and many more… Winter demon's music is a combination of intelligent melodies, hardfloor and powerful constructions, crazy breaks and leads allover. Winter demon released in many labels around the world.

His first split album COMBAT - New generation (VS Seroxat) was released in the Cyprus based label Noize conspiracy records… he also released in the Japanese YABAI rec, Spectral moon rec from Brasil ,Timecode from South Africa and more. These days Nimrod keeps creating by himself and with others, cooking for us the next Winter demon releases…watch out!

Winter Demon


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