Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aurora Festival

About Aurora Festival

Aurora Production would like to thank all the beautiful spirits who contributed with their presence and motion in making our festival such a success.
Your energy has travelled Aurora through time!

2008 was small and cheerful.
2009 was magical and expansive.
2010 was inspiring and powerful and
2011 promises to be all that you have expected and wished it to be and more…………..

Paolo Coelho once said :
‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

Shamans of the world.

Your wishes have been granted and we are transcending to the most mystical centre of antiquity. Aurora Festival 2011 is moving somewhere off the beaten ‘track’.
Somewhere in the Northern Aegean Sea there is an island that served as the ‘Sanctuary of Great Gods’ over a thousand years.

On the 23-29th of August Aurora Festival will be opening its portal in Samothraki.
Join us for 7 days on the land of Light and Logic for a colourful initiation into the cosmic secrets of the sacred island of Samothraki.

Where imposing mountains meet a crystal clear sea.
Where impressive waterfalls water dense forests.
Where Gods used to commune with Men.
Let us all meet there and celebrate the miracles of art, music and life.

Aurora Festival


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