Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crystal Matrix


The story of this project starts at the end of 2008th year. A young musician - M. Crystalis (also known as Gnevomir, DEMON ShineGami and ZAN de Jaquio) leaves the band named ЯВЬ (YAV') and begins to work on his own projects.

He was very inspired by some experimental electronic artists (such as Complex Numbers and Unreal). The influence was really strong, so he decided to try working in this genre too. First, a project called "The Matrix" was created (but in the middle of 2010th year the name was changed to "Crystal Matrix").

It was dicided to choose some mysterious and unusual themes for compositions, such as: space, time, Universe and even secrets of a human's mind. And then almost two years have passed. The work was hard and results were good enough. So the author dicided that time has come to make a full and proper album of Crystal Matrix. Then he moved to Kharkov and the hardest part of the work started. All the material was arranged, reworked and mastered at MoonHome Studio in summer of 2010th year. So as a result, the debut album was created and called "Far Away From Earth".

The album includes 9 instrumnetal electronic tracks and is available for free downloading. After that M. Crystalis continued his musical experiments and modifications. New tracks were made at an entirely new level of arrangement and sound. And some texts were written for female vocals as planned. So in December of 2010th year all the new material was ready for making a second album. And again - there was a lot of hard work at MoonHome studio. It lasted three long months. But in March of 2011th year it was finally over. A brand new album was ready to conqer people's hearts. Unlike first fully-instrumental album the second one included four instrumental tracks and four songs.

An ideal balance... Truly, the Crystal Matrix project (and M. Crystalis himfelf) has reached a new level of music making craft (but the old themes and atmosphere has remained). The new album contains a lot of trance sequences, some 8-bit samples, a little of Synth Gothic elements etc. Also it includes a cover version of the great song "Kämpfe, Sailor Moon!" (originally performed by Super Moonies). M. Crystalis has rearranged it and made a new text (in English). Enjoy!

Crystal Matrix


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