Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dj Hanzo


Mexican Producer & Dj with almost 10 years of experience. He is one of the pioneers on his region of the trance movement. He started to mix tracks playing in friends house were he developed hi skills, technics of mixing. After this, he started to get more involved in electronic music, audio production, and start growing up in the scene as a top dj.

He start to play in local parties and raves, after some time of maturity, he started to get interested in more sofisticated sounds among the trance, and start to mess up with techno and house musics founding in this last one the favorite to mix and create, working by the side of many producer friends of the scene, he travels fist time to sao paulo in 2008 to work in a friends studio as an assitant, and play in some partys in the brazilian territory after this first time he gets all his experience concreted and start to produce music by the professional way, after one year of working hard in the studio in mexico, he came back in 2009 to Brazil to play in several party, getting also another assitant job in one studio in sao paulo, and singing contract for music realesing by "Lo-Kik" Recordings.

The most important house & techno label nowadays in brazilian territory, besides playing on several hotspots in mexico & brazil, his talent has been taking him to play in important festivals and clubs such as Soulvision Festival (, Native (, Lowsession ( important clubs as Delux-e, Bazuah, Club A, Baoba, Porto del Forte, Target.

Dj Hanzo


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