Thursday, September 1, 2011

Temple Twisters Records

About Temple Twisters Records

Temple Twisters Recs ,A Utopian-sort of secret society formed to act as catalyst to generate and accelerate exhilarating sensations and creating the perfect 'Celestial Mindscape'.

The origins of this society dates back since time was in its infancy and and while Humans were just a part of some Chemical equation.

But the coming of The Temple Twister was ordained ,for the 'Work' had to be done .The purpose of this personified catalyst lies in effort of connecting the gamut of hyper-sonic hearing sense and wiring it up, so as to effect and control the other 5 senses of the species we call human-beings.possess.

The process Involves also other Entities,This Society Brings together all the elements necessary to make the Experience a very special and euphoric one.

Temple Twisters Records


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