Sunday, September 15, 2013

Expect (Germany)


Expect are Kevin Schubert and Achim Luethje from Germany. After several releases on compilations out on Tatsu Records, Midijum Records,Yellow Sunshine Records and Millenium Records - Expect worked hard on their debut album for several months.

“South Rockers” is their debut album to the psychedelic-progressive scene with a bunch of new sounds and extra-ordinary grooveness within every track. A new dimension to sound and production quality. 9 previously unreleased and fresh tracks are waiting for you to get explored.

These tunes are tested around the European countries during several live appearances on many several parties and open air events in the past summer of 2007 and had gave the two producers an amazing feedback from the floors. A new dimension to sound and production quality.

Expect - Infinity Sunshine - Spoken Words

Expect - Last.FM


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