Sunday, September 15, 2013



Leenuz Nilsson born in Åre, Sweden in 1980. Leenuz is producing psytrance combining whispers of nature with the devastation of the beautiful swedish forest. Leenuz music career started with a set of drums in early 1990, for a couple years Leenuz played in his fathers jazz/blues band but at ..96 the first Destination Goa was released and a drastic change was about to take form. The love for electronic music was instant and everlasting.

Releases so far:

Polyhymnia (Ovnimoon records) Full length CD

Eargasm - V.A - Mysteries Of Psytrance (Ovnimoon records)
Sömntuta - V.A - Return Of Quetzalcoatl (Ovnimoon records)
Red eye warrior - V.A - Goa-Cytopia v1.1(Goa records)
Sömntuta - V.A Open Air Vol 4 (Yellow sunshine records)
Highlands - V.A Light (Shiva Space Japan)
AVP - V.A Sinister sunrise (Resonant Earth)

Leenuz - Ghost Network

Leenuz's Facebook Page



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