Friday, December 4, 2009




Behind the successful production of Antix are the brothers Hayden and Barton Strom. Making music together since 1999 and are today working full time as producers in their Slowburning Studios, Auckland New Zealand.

What has made Antix such a success? Here’s a little view of their backgrounds that has for sure shaped them as producers. Both Barton and Hayden were introduced to music at a young age, listening to music from their parent’s vast record collections. They quickly became addicted to the hypnotic sounds of trance in ‘95 when a friend handed them a tape urging them to check it out. Barton instantly purchased a mixer and started DJ’ing at small parties in the growing Auckland scene. Six months later he had moved to Japan to buy studio equipment and teach himself the art of production, where Hayden later joined him.

Together they returned to New Zealand, setting up various studios around Auckland and refining a sound, which really came together once they moved to the West Coast of the North Island and set up Slow Burning Studios in ‘99. The sound that seemed to evolve was a kind of minimal organic groove influenced by the European sound being played by DJ Philipp from Plastik Park and Anti from Spiral Trax. It wasn’t long before a connection was made when Philipp toured Australia and New Zealand in 2000, and Antix were signed for their first 12” (Rainstick) on Plastik Park. Since then Antix have published almost 50 works.



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